Wexford Way Math Circle

Welcome to the Wexford Way Math Circle, our effort to help students from diverse communities gain exposure to mathematical ideas. We currently work with elementary students at the Wexford Way location of the Eden Housing complexes. Reach out to us at doughertymathcircle@gmail.com if you are interested in contributing!

2019-2020 Curriculum:

  • Tangible Goals
      • To develop problem solving skills applicable to real-world scenarios.
      • To increase social confidence in our students by allowing them to communicate and discuss their own mathematical ideas.
  • 10-week Curriculum Plan
      • Week 1: Introduction and fun math activities (in groups and individually)
      • Week 2: Number Sense/Read-world word puzzles
      • Week 3: Logic Puzzles
      • Week 4: Measurements
      • Week 5: Math Relay (Review game to assess growth)
      • Week 6: Sequences and patterns
      • Week 7: Area, perimeter, and volume of geometric figures
      • Week 8: Grocery Store Simulation – Being cost effective
      • Week 9: Probability with card games, dice, and spinners
      • Week 10: Math Relay (Review game to assess growth) / Feedback sheet
  • Measuring Growth (Quantitative Analysis)
      • Use simulations to measure how students may act in real-world scenarios.
      • Use Math Relays to measure how students interact and grow in terms of teamwork