Wexford Way Math Circle

Welcome to the Wexford Way Math Circle, our effort to help students from diverse communities gain exposure to mathematical ideas. We currently work with students at the Wexford Way location of the Eden Housing complexes. Reach out to us at doughertymathcircle@gmail.com if you are interested in contributing!

Sample Curriculum:

    1. Week 1: Introduction and pre-assessment (in groups and individually)
      1. Ask open-ended questions
        1. What do you think about math?
        2. When have you used math in real-life?
    2. Week 2: Logic Puzzles
    3. Week 3: Stocks! Set-up Stock Market Simulation Game
    4. Week 4: Math Relay (Review game to assess growth)
    5. Week 5: Grocery Store Simulation – Being cost effective
    6. Week 6: Advanced Logic Puzzles II
    7. Week 7: Game Theory – Card Games/Chance Games Simulation
    8. Week 8: Math Relay (Review game to assess growth)
    9. Week 9: Stock Market Game Results and Implications
    10. Week 10: Initial Post-Assessment (in groups and individually)
      1. Similar open-ended questions
        1. What is one way you used math through this ten weeks that you would not have before?
        2. What does math mean to you?