A Math Circle is a program where students work in groups and collaborate on mathematical ideas not commonly taught in school or in a different perspective than commonly taught. Our program primarily emphasizes the fact that math is a story, not an end. Every theorem has its own story behind it — a proof. When students learn to treat math as a story and not a book of facts, they develop thinking skills that can never be learned so masterfully otherwise. In order to strengthen your students’ understanding of mathematics, or open the subject in a new light to them, make sure to sign up today!

We are Shruti Ravikumar and Vishruti Ganesh, two high school seniors who are passionate about math! Having taken advanced math courses since middle school, and participating in several math competitions, both Vishruti and Shruti hope to spread their passion to rising elementary and middle school students!

Head Coaches: Vishruti Ganesh, Shruti Ravikumar

Coaches: Risha Chakraborty, Shreya Ravikumar, Savit Bhat