A Math Circle is a program where students work in groups and collaborate on mathematical ideas not commonly taught in school or in a different perspective than commonly taught. Our program primarily emphasizes the fact that math is a story, not an end. Every theorem has its own story behind it — a proof. When students learn to treat math as a story and not a book of facts, they develop thinking skills that can never be learned so masterfully otherwise. In order to strengthen your students’ understanding of mathematics, or open the subject in a new light to them, make sure to sign up today!

All proceeds generated from these programs go to non-profit organizations benefiting the education of underprivileged children including our partners Eden Housing.

Pioneers: Shruti Ravikumar, Vishruti Ganesh

Advisory Board: Risha Chakraborty, Shreya Ravikumar, Valerie Kwek

Executive Board: Nidhi Gaonkar (President), Eugene Kwek (Treasurer)

Fundraising and Marketing Committee: Nidhi Gaonkar, Marcus Kwek, Pranav Aiyer, Hansel Coutinho, Aditya Narayan

Curriculum and Instruction Committee: Arav Bhattacharya, Eugene Kwek, Prayag Gaonkar, Nirvik Kasula, Prisha Agarwal, Shivesh Sahoo, Saravanan Valliappan, Krish Yadav