Data Science

Data Science: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM every alternate Tuesday through Zoom for 8th – 12th graders.

Description: In this course, 8th-12th graders with an interest in computer science and data science will gain exposure to the world of data analysis, visualization, and mathematical prediction. They will be mentored by an IBM data scientist and a group of passionate individuals to solve problems with large amounts of data to build up the foundations of data science, statistics, and machine learning. Using those foundational skills, students will complete and interesting and challenging final project.

Students are expected to have basic concepts of algebra and programming. The course is fast paced and covers many topics in a short span of time, so regular attendance and maintaining integrity in classes are utmost important things expected from students.

Cost: We will be requesting a 100 dollar donation for the complete course from November to April that will go towards underserved schools and programs including Eden Housing in Dublin.

2021-2022 Data Science Calendar:

The first 10 sessions are targeted to teach the foundational skills of Data Science. In the next 4 sessions, students will be divided into groups and work towards completing a final project. The students will have the opportunity to submit this project into the Kaggle Competition. 

September 21: Intro to Python, IBM Watson Studio account, Jupyter Notebook set-up and tutorial

October 5: Statistics and Linear Algebra

October 19: Introduction to Python Packages: numpy, pandas, scipy

November 2: Introduction to Machine Learning, Guest Lecture 1

November 16: Classification Algorithms

December 7: Decision-Making Algorithms

January 18: Regression Algorithms

February 1: Visualization

February 15: Preprocessing and Evaluation

March 1: Guest Lecture 2, Introduction to Projects

March 15: Project Benchmark 1

March 29: Project Benchmark 2

April 12: Final Presentations and Wrap-Up

Our mentor for this class is Sourav Mazumder, an IBM Data Scientist Thought Leader.