URGENT: COVID-19 Response

Hey all,

In light of the recent response in Contra Costa County to the COVID-19 outbreak, certain groups including the homeless and seniors are being disproportionately hit by shortages in essentials. Dougherty Math Circle is trying to help the situation by setting up a drive for sanitary materials and food for those in need and will donate all items to local food banks, homeless shelters, and senior centers. We will update our need-list as it expands.

The drop-off location for all items is 3166 Paddington Way, San Ramon, CA, 94582.


-hand sanitizer

-socks, caps, gloves

-toiletries for both men and women

-Lysol/Clorox wipes

-Food items: canned foods (50 oz cans) ie beans, stews, pasta, meats; non-perishable snacks ie granola bars; packaged foods ie macaroni (large-size boxes are the most helpful)

Thank you so much for your contribution. Anything helps!